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Seafood Restaurant Biloxi Beach

Discover a seafood paradise at McElroy's Harbor House, a renowned restaurant nestled on Biloxi Beach along the stunning Mississippi Gulf Coast. Indulge in the freshest catch while enjoying breathtaking waterfront views.

McElroy's Harbor House Seafood Restaurant Biloxi Beach Mississippi Gulf Coast.

McElroy's Harbor House Seafood Restaurant

In 1957 James and Emerick McElroy starts in the restaurant business with an A&W rootbeer stand on the corner of Howard and Gill Ave in Biloxi. It operated for over 20 years and was a local favorite.

In 1969 Hurricane Camille destroyed the Gulf Coast and a new Small Craft Harbor had to be built. It had a small snack bar which they purchased in 1972.

In Feb 1974 with the youngest of their three children, Mickey, and his wife Jane, fulfilled their dream of opening a seafood restaurant and named it McElroy’s Harbor House. After several growth and expansions, it has become one of the oldest existing seafood restaurants on the coast.

In 2003 a location was purchased in Ocean Springs and had a beautiful view of Fort Bayou. McElroy’s on the Bayou served that location for 18 years.

In 2005 the coast experienced another devastating hurricane, Katrina, which completely destroyed the restaurant. It wasn’t built back until May of 2012 and because of it’s new twenty nine foot height has a breathtaking view of Deer Island and the Gulf. Many boating and holiday festivities occur in this location. We thank everyone who has supported our restaurant all these years, locals and visitors alike. Please come and see us again.

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